Reduce Administrative Burden

Use human-centered design to reduce time-tax

Spend more time providing services and less time navigating inefficient paper-based systems.

“The paperwork burden imposed on the public has been in excess of 9 billion hours. That number is too high.”

2021 Federal Executive Order on Customer Experience and Service Delivery

Insights + Recommendations

Identify pain points

Before embarking on a digitization project, analyze existing paper-based processes to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

Prioritize processes

Focus on digitizing the processes and workflows that offer the greatest potential for time savings and efficiency gains.

Choose the right technology

Select tools and technologies that facilitate ease of use, scalability, integration capabilities, and compatibility with existing systems.

Focus on user experience

Design clear navigation structures and intuitive interaction patterns to help users accomplish tasks and find what they need.

Streamline workflows

Guide users through forms and transaction processes efficiently. Simplify user flows and minimize the number of steps required to complete tasks.

Simplify data entry

Avoid unnecessary validation steps and minimize the amount of data entry required from users by using autofill, dropdown menus, and pre-populated fields wherever possible.

Automate feedback

Use tooltips, progress indicators, and error messages to help users understand what is expected and how to proceed.

Support mobile use

Implement responsive design principles to optimize layouts and interactions for various screen sizes and input methods.

Optimize load times

Minimize user wait times. Optimize images, code, and server response times to deliver content quickly and improve overall performance.


Thoughtful work begins with clearly defined objectives and selecting the right methods.

Product strategy and planning

Stakeholder alignment

Content audit and strategy

Accessibility audits and analysis

Systems mapping

Gap analysis

KPI definition

Service design strategy and mapping

User research and testing

User/customer insights gathering and analysis

User/customer journey mapping

Prototypes and usability testing

Human-centered UX/UI/CX

Custom experience design

Content strategy