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We Teach NYC Iconography

Launched by the New York City Department of Education, WeTeachNYC is a resource-rich online professional development and community space for teachers and school leaders.

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“You know how it goes: the business reps sit on one side of the table, the technologists sit on the other, and they talk past each other until time is up. In the end, no one gets what they want. Blenderbox does the complete opposite. They listen intently, document needs, refine their plan, and work nimbly from conception to launchpad. Even in the face of complex integrations across multiple internal and third-party systems, they keep things moving, transparent, and calm. Past experiences taught us that we don't want a vendor who simply says yes. We want a partner who is unafraid to say yes with the same ease they say why. We have found that with Blenderbox.”

Dr. Tom Liam Lynch

Consultant, NYC Department of Education