Customer Experience

Designed for customer satisfaction

Creating exceptional customer experiences begins by framing the design process through the lens of the end user.

“Government’s service delivery should be driven by the voice of the customer through human-centered design methodologies.”

2021 Federal Executive Order on Customer Experience and Service Delivery

Insights + Recommendations

Digital tools for modern citizens

Delivering fast, reliable, online services is the expectation of modern audiences. Don’t be left behind.

Consider edge cases

Addressing and designing for edge case needs and unique barriers to entry illuminates opportunities to improve the digital experience for all customers.

Know your audience

Engage with your users to understand their needs and challenges so you can proactively solve for them, ultimately delivering a better user experience.

Design inclusively

Accommodate disabilities across the spectrum of physical, sensory, cognitive, and technological challenges, ensuring inclusive access to digital services.


Simplify complex processes and information to make it easy for citizens to understand and navigate government services. Use clear language and intuitive interfaces to reduce confusion.

Address time tax

Streamline processes and minimize wait times to provide efficient service delivery. Citizens should be able to complete tasks quickly and easily without unnecessary delays.


Tailor digital services to the individual needs of citizens whenever possible. This can include personalized recommendations, notifications, and content based on user data.

Test and iterate

Continuously evaluate the performance of digital services, and iterate based on feedback and data analysis.


Ensuring every customer has a friendly, modern experience requires an informed design process.

Product strategy and planning

Content audit and strategy

Service design strategy and mapping

User research and testing

User/customer insights gathering and analysis

User/customer journey mapping

Prototypes and usability testing

Human-centered UX/UI/CX

Custom experience design

Scalable design systems

Accessible UX / UI patterns

Mobile-friendly, responsive design

Design systems