Digital Accessibility

Easy to use, for everyone

Users with with accessibility needs often face challenges while trying to complete tasks online. Prioritizing the delivery of accessible user experiences is essential to serving all customers equitably.

“Government must be held accountable for designing and delivering services for the actual people whom it is meant to serve.”

2021 Federal Executive Order on Customer Experience and Service Delivery

Insights + Recommendations

Accessible visual design

Use sufficient color contrast and avoid relying on color to convey information as as some users may have visual impairments.

Accessible content

Ensure that all content is accessible by providing alternative text for images, captions for videos, and transcripts for media content.

Keyboard Accessibility

Design interfaces that can be navigated using keyboard inputs alone to accommodate mobility impairments or other disabilities.

Improve your customer experience

Designing for users with accessibility needs illuminates opportunities to improve the digital experience for everyone.

Improve your SEO

Structuring content within proper page hierarchies with clear meta-information improves your site’s performance and searchability.

Avoid legal action

Avoid legal action, fines, and costly audits by adhering to accessibility standards and regulations.


Ensuring every customer has an equitable experience requires an intentional, informed design process.

Accessibility compliance

Scalable design systems

Accessible UX / UI patterns

Assistive technology testing

User research and testing

Prototypes and usability testing