A platform that helps women close the entrepreneurship gender gap in underserved communities.

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WE NYC tapped us to create a tool dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs. As a Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) ourselves, we were excited to jump in.  

We created a comprehensive resource that includes an ever-growing selection of guides and tools to help women develop the skills they need to move forward. The portal also serves as a model for economic development initiatives across the country.


NYC Department of Small Business Services


“In only five years, nearly 17,000 women entrepreneurs have received assistance through business education, access to funding, networking opportunities, free legal assistance, and mentorship support. Initiatives like WE NYC are vital to our ongoing efforts to uplift neighborhoods, create good jobs, and enrich the cultural fabric of our city.”

Bill de Blasio

Mayor, NYC

“Women entrepreneurs are vital economic actors in New York City, and the WE NYC portal will ensure they have access to the resources they need to achieve their full economic potential, especially in underserved communities. We are grateful to Blenderbox for their partnership on the continued development of the platform, and are excited to see its wide-reaching positive impact in our communities.”

Gregg Bishop

Commissioner, NYC Department of Small Business Services


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