Our Process

Envision + Deliver

Our process relies on a fluid relationship between two core practices: thinking and making. First, we envision the best possible outcomes through research, alignment, and strategy. Then, we deliver human-centered products through iterative design-thinking and development.

Image depicting an iterative design and build process, emphasizing a relationship between two primary cycles- one for planning, aligning, envisioning, and strategizing the product and another for designing, testing, building, and delivering the final product.

Activities + Methods


Clarify goals and objectives

Analyze requirements

Determine success criteria

Determine feasibility


Engage stakeholders

Conduct user research

Audit content and user journeys

Audit technical systems and use cases


Formulate insights and recommendations

Concept future state experience

Map future state systems

Define a strategic roadmap

Design / Build

Define UX / UI schemas

Establish visual design systems

Build technical environments

Develop features


Produce prototypes / proofs-of-concept

Conduct user testing

Analyze findings and feedback

Generate actionable recommendations


Ship completed product

Collect analytics and user data

Measure impact and outcomes

Consider enhancements