Playwrights Horizons

Elevating brand presence in a city rich with cultural offerings.

Illustration of man opening stage curtains

Playwrights Horizons is the birthplace of American classics like Grey Gardens and Driving Miss Daisy. They needed a more engaging platform that reflected their mission of 42 years: Sharing the stories of today by the writers of tomorrow.

This meant better showcasing their productions and creating a seamless experience for subscribers, ticket buyers, and donors, as well as the Playwrights team so that they could control the site content. We overhauled the content structure and CMS, making it more flexible, user-friendly, and visually connected to their new branding.

Playwrights Horizons



  • W3 Awards / Silver / Cultural Institutions
  • Communicator Award of Distinction / Performing Arts
  • Webby Awards / Honoree / Cultural Institutions
  • Interactive Media Award / Best in Class / Entertainment
  • Communicator Award / Award of Distinction / Performing Arts
  • Communicator Award / Award of Distinction / Cultural Institutions