EDC Zoom In History

A teaching and learning platform for K-12 history education

Blenderbox created a novel learning platform that empowers students to think deeply and write critically about pivotal moments in US history using primary sources to teach evidence-based writing skills.

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“My first impression? Two words: game changer. Seriously. If you’re a middle or high school U.S. history teacher, this is something that you need to try. I’m not kidding. This thing is the future of historical thinking. Zoom In is what social studies instruction in the 21st century should look like.”

Glenn Wiebe

President, Kansas Council for the Social Studies

“My colleagues and I have never encountered a firm able to deliver effective user-oriented solutions to technical design challenges with the professionalism, confidence and skill that Blenderbox brings. ”

William Tally

Senior Research Scientist, EDC Center for Children and Technology


  • American Association of School Librarians / Best Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning